One More Time

Another year. Another girl at work.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
I've figured that I'll never actually change, no matter what I try.

Now what?...

Man, I guess if I was ever lucky it was one time
Then I went missing looking for the sublime

A nigga stayed low, left the ladder unclimbed
Time after time, verse blank, the line unrhymed

John Dies at the End

I read a book for the first time in years today. Specifically a fiction novel. It was a sequel to a humorous horror novel called John Dies at the End. The name of the sequel is unexpectedly called This Book is Full of Spiders.

I originally read the first book online, before it was ever picked up by a publisher. It was funny, light, fucked up, yet deeper with some meaning all at the same time. The second one wasn't quite as good, but a bit of the charm was still there.

I heard the first book has been adapted into a movie, gotta check it out.

Highly recommended for a good read.