"When my poodle went blind at eights years of age, she would panic if alone in strange surroundings. My cat, Blue, would stay close to her within touching distance and Tina would be alright. Blue was my hero."

It can be strange how the smallest thing makes my heart melt.

"I used to believe in destiny."

I stopped believing.
Everyday I believe a little less, and a little less... and it sucks.

~ How I Met Your Mother

Why does such an awesome funny show illustrate so perfectly how I feel?

Be Free

Why do we have such a hard time expressing our emotions, and how we really feel, to each other? We keep it on the inside. We say one thing, but we really mean what's said plus just that bit more, that you're supposed to know.

Men or women, lovers or friends, sometimes especially family... we all do it. Why is it that once we become adults, we also stop speaking freely?

And we call it being"grown up". Guilty as charged.

and here we go

I made week 2. Still bored as fuck, still don't really know anyone. Not sure where my confidence has fled to.

But it'll do.

I'll make it so.

Other than that, life's alright. Slowly getting out of debt and paying my bills after my first pay cheque in a month. On the road back to normacy.

Good or bad...?

Definitely gonna miss the sunny days with autumn peeking its way here in Calgary.

"It's never too late, Barney."

~ How I Met Your Mother

Maybe there's always, hope. Maybe all we oughta do, is to believe.


First week

A 4-day first work week, thanks to a long weekend. I survivied.

It was fuckin' boring.

But... I made it.

Feeling tons of pressure, from within myself, to proof myself. I used to never be stressed over work, but it's all changed. I question my abilities, my competence, my skills, my fit.

To better days......

Shining Star

The Roots ft. D'Angelo

Then eventually flow off to loss communication,
I call the lost store, information,
And with time forgot it.
It's not like I'm in tears about it,
But the fact of the matter remains that I missed her.