Christmas time. Life's cruel.

It hurts. It stings. It's crazy. I saw it coming, but I really didn't. I was asking for it, but I really didn't.

But I really didn't.

Why is there no story book ending? Why.
'Coz it's real life? Or is it just me, 'coz I see it happening.

What. Why. How. Tell me. Explain to me. Justify to me.


"This way... is a water slide that takes you further every day, be cool..."


Why did you choose me?
There is something about you. It`s like you hurt too.
Someday, I want to use this.

"Are you ignoring me, or are you just letting my charm wash over you."

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"When the love is gone, move on."

Black Dahlia

"And it's true, I hurt too.
Remember, I loved you."