Would you take care of me?...

I Reminisce

But there is nothing to reminisce about. I realize there has never been anything. What a fool.

The Roots. How I Got Over. ?

Before I go back to the heavenly father
Pray for me if it ain’t too much brother
Whatever don’t break me or make me stronger
I feel like I can’t take too much longer
It’s too much lyin’
And too much fryin’
I’m all cried out cause I grew up cryin’
They all got a sales pitch I ain’t buyin’
They tryin’ to convince me that I ain’t tryin’
We uninspired
We unadmired
And tired and sick of being sick and tired.


What happened. What happened to the me who questions why prostitution is illegal. The morality of aborptions, euthanaiza. The one who doesn't just say yes or no just because that's how the traditional view has always been or if it's the general mainstream opinion. The death penalty, why it's deserved, why it's ok? The one with a curious mind that listens to arguments. Does god exist? Could god be an alien? Could there be our god as well as aliens existing in the same universe?...

That me has died. In silence.

I don't know how it happened, and I don't know how to bring him back. Because once again just about everything has lost meaning to me. I stopped caring and I don't know how to get back. Because I just don't care. The first time, the person is usually just saying it. But after repeated realizations, some things actually start to sink in.

The only link left is my family, whom I love. The previous generation... but don't have my own "family".

rainy days

"Smile, and give me reason to keep on believin'
That everything ain't misleadin"

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