Have you ever felt like finding a hole in the ground to hide?
Not just ashamed of yourself, and everything else.

Just broken.

"I want to get better."

The season premiere of House really struck a chord with me. I'm generally not a big tv person... but it was just so good and close to home.

Now I just need a happy ending like in the episode.

she keeps on passin`me by

I am sick of how it feels.

When my eyes see you, and the way it makes me feel.
How beautiful you are. With your smile, your eyes, your hair, your everything.
Even your imperfections makes you perfect in my eyes.
But I should never tell you how I feel, when I know it`s a lost cause.

I haven't gone as far as asking if I could get with her
I just play it by ear and hope she gets the picture

But she`s seeing someone. Or she thinks of me only as a friend.
There`s never romance. It seems to come along with the asshole persona.

Nice guys don`t always finish last, sometimes we don`t get to finish.

I broke my rule

To never drink without company, alone.

Now there she goes again, the dopest Ethiopian
And now the world around me be gets movin in slow motion
when-ever she happens to walk by - why does the apple of my eye
overlook and disregard my feelings no matter how much I try?

"I guess a twinkle in her eye is just a twinkle in her eye."

It happened again. Not exactly like last time. But close enough.
I will never learn. She's always seeing someone else.
Is she saying that just to blow me off nicely?
I don't know. I will never know.

Girls at work. Never should. But it's hard when you interact with them more than everyone else.
Again again.

"I am trying to be what you're dying to see."