You know what you do when you're feeling empty inside? You eat, and eat and eat... until you can't anymore.

Then just a little bit of that emptiness is filled. Only a little corner. But it's better than nothing.


I thought it didn't matter no more. I thought it was nothing but a shade of color on our skins. I thought that in this day and age, we've gone pass that - especially in a so called multicultural society like Canada.

I was wrong.

It's never gone away. It never will. It always will be.

Realization is very painful, may I add.

Memories of Nobody

Because there was nothing worth remembering for.
Nobody is curious about me.
Nobody, is talking to me.


Sometimes I wake up in the morning, and think to myself
what if this is it for me.

TV Drama

She says she thinks we have this special bond.
She adores me, and really likes me a lot. That she sees us being together for a long long time.
She says that we have so much in common.
She's so comfortable with me, and she's physically attracted to me.

She also says that of all the other guys. Bitch.

Another moment after a drunken outing...

I ain't perfect.
Nobody is.
But imperfection just isn't gonna work when it comes to me?

I miss you. I want you.
I don't even know who you are.

How pathetic.
How bizarre.
How sad.