Dancing in the Rain

fuck it
kick my kicks of and took of my jacket
roll my jeans up beat up and my headphones blastin'
blazed some weed up and started laughing
while I'm splashin' in puddles like
muthafuck a struggle we dancin' in the rain


We laid together, she's down to her panties. I gently pinched her nipple as her bottom rubbed against me. Sharing our body warmth, sharing our space. Sharing ourselves.

She said to me, I'm surprised that you didn't sleep with the girl last night.

April the 8th

And she no longer acknowledges me.
It started innocent. A company organized convention, a Nintendo Wi contest. Facebook. Email. The hallway. Lunches. Her cell phone. Pure intentions.

I checked availability for public ice skating. I looked at bouquets online, I picked a few. I studied the meaning of the colors. A genuine surprise, no matter if it'd rip my wallet a new one.

Her birthday's April the 8th.

Then things, fucked. I don't ask why. I ain't ever found any answers, for everything.


She's so real.

She parties hard, real hard. She curses like nobody I'd seen. She smokes day & night. She gets high fast. She's everywhere. She's been everywhere. Never there when I'm looking.

And then she points me there.

Deep down, so pure. So real.

And she's gone again.

Once Again

One of the worst feelings ever, is to feel powerless.

Completely powerless & helpless. Fully knowing that nothing I can do, will change what happens. The one thing I care about, dream about, and yearn for. Yea, I know what I should be doing, how I should be living my life. All the "good" things to ready myself.

But when I reflect
From experience
And get that feeling
Once again, that
What I do means nothing after all
From the bottom
Where my heart used to be
It doesn't matter what I do anymore
It just doesn't matter at all
Nothing, will happen
Ever happens

one love

i'd hold my breath, and the door for you
till my arm falters, laying on my death bed
forever one, never one other

but walks her in
lickin' her lips, twisting her hips
i had it coming

yea yea, we never kissed
foolin' around, fooling ourselves
all she needed was a lie

but holy shit
was it a shame
coz' i've got class

so... Sally can wait
she knows it's too late
and she's walking all blind
and so... I decide to wait
but don't look back at anger, I heard you say
~ oasis