"I'll love you in the morning... when you're still hungover"

Something I copied over from my facebook.

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1) The note title is from Bloc Party - Sunday.

2) My latest listening is a new cd from a local hip hop group. DFE - Redefine. I try to support local music. I also listen to CJSW radio regularly.

3) I love my cousin's daughter Frances to death.

4) I've always wanted to go to London England. I know it rains. I know it's gloomy. But I don't know why I wanna go.

5) I'm flawed in many ways.

6) I LOVE to sleep and sleep in.

7) Countries I've been to: Dominican, Australia, Japan, S. Korea, Hong Kong.

8) I have once slept 15 hrs straight. Got woken up and had dinner. Then had another 14 hr sleep right after.

9) I learned something painfully obvious to everyone but me at my last job - get shit on paper. It was a fifteen thousand dollar mistake.

10) Regularly, I day dream of playing in the NHL. If I have kids, I will surely encourage them to play hockey at a very young age.

11) My plan has always been to get married 30 years from now. Tho I've been saying that for a good few years now.

12) I'm lucky to have a few very good friends from the junior and senior high school days.

13) I use a home computer so old I have lost track of how man years I've had it. Something like 8.

14) I enjoy philosophy. I took graduate level phil courses back in my school days. I specialized in morals & bioethics.

15) I never, thought I'd have a career in real estate.

16) I suck at and hence don't like math.

17) My desk might look ridiculously messy - but it's really just organized in a messy manner. I tend to know where things are.

18) I can cook omelets. And all microwavable food.

19) I did not live with my parents for about 10 years at one time.

20) I've only ever had to pull all-nighters to study for exams for two courses - accounting and finance. They sucked.

21) I personally don't believe in religions.

22) I can speak and understand cantonese.

23) I'm stubborn as hell on things that that really matter to me. Trying to convince me is extremely difficult.

24) If there was a time machine, I'd do do almost everything different all over again.

25) I find aspirations from the strangest, littlest things

"Can't understand how a man's got your choosin"

- mario winans ft. p. diddy, I don't wanna know

I wanna hide.
Can you believe it's the year 2009?
2001 didn't seem that long ago.
2004 feels like a just few months back.
2006's as if it was yesterday.
A regrettable yesterday.

"This way is a waterslide away from me that takes you further everyday"

- weezer

Why.. why do you drink?

"I drink to numb the pain."

So many things I wish I'd have never done. Every once in awhile, they all come up again on my mind torturing my heart and soul. I used to think that it's better to go for it.. take that chance, don't give myself regrets in the future for not doing anything. Now I understand how silly I was to think so. My regrets for having tried for the moon haunt me on all my sleepless nights.


Vinny aime le Canadien de de Montréal

I love hockey.

This nhl all star weekend was spectacular. I wish I could've been there in person. The skills competition. The two million breakaways with ridiculous moves. The Ovechkin show.

Then came the game. 12-12. OT. Shoot out. "Vinny, Kovy, Ovy!!"

Captain of my hometown team, Jarome Iginla's first goal at an all star game.
Talented Colorado forward, Milan Hejduk finally back as an all star since 2001.

And most importantly, the centennial anniversary of the great Montreal Canadians.

The all star game in Montreal.
Four Canadian players represented, three voted in as starters.
Montreal captain Alex Kovalev named captain of the Eastern team, and the first Russian captain on an all star team.
Kovalev scoring 2 goals in regulation, and then again in the shoot out.
Kovalev as all star MVP.

Too much, too great. Too memorable. Too perfect.
I will never forget.
It's a beautiful game.


"I'm a virgin. I always have been."

'You're puttin' the pussy on a pedestal.'

"I'm throwing myself at you and all you can think about are fucking toys."

"I dated this woman... wait. Lemme rephrase that. I dated this whore for like two years... and she stomped all over my heart."
- The 40 Year Old Virgin

Chicago - 'Class'

Mama: The whole world's gone low-brow. Things ain't what they used to be.

Velma: They sure ain't, Mama. They sure ain't. It's all gone.

Whatever happened to fair dealing?
And pure ethics
And nice manners?
Why is it everyone now is a pain in the ass?
Whatever happened to class?

Velma & Mama:
Ah, there ain't no gentlemen
That's fit for any use
And any girl'd touch your privates
For a deuce
And even kids'll kick your shins and give you sass
Nobody's got no class!

"There's too much monkey business."

"... men are much more distressed by abuse of their female comrades than their male comrades."

"You hear about slack discipline in mixed sex units because members are devoting too much attention to the opposite sex."

Macleans, Nov 2007