A Night

Best friend's birthday gathering.

2-doubles of Johny Walker Green Label.
A pair of leather shoes.
No line up in to the club.
Heinekens from the beer tub girl.
No idea how many double JD shots.
Lots of walking around and slight grinding with girls.

Fazed out.
Brought out of the bar by my friends, to the parkade, to home.
Stained jeans, ruined leathers, numerous cuts and bruises from falling on asphalt.
A hundred dollars gone byebye.

A good sleep until 4 in the afternoon.

Sleepless? Me too.

Do you lay awake in the middle of the night often?

Not any special day, just a regular night. Just another night.

There's something beautiful about this time. Something magical, that can't be described. I look up the sky (actually right now it's more like outside my window), and realize how insignificant I am. We all are. It gives everything a different perspective. It's as if time has frozen, as everything is at a stand still. The public transit has stopped running. The roads are empty. Houses and buildings have their lights off. It's dark outside. Dark, but not pitch black. Never pitch black.


Girl Power Gone Wild

As much as I love scantily clothed women as every other men, this phenomenon sickens me.