It's her Birthday.

I sent her a text message on the cell phone, Happy birthday.

She sent me back, Thank you.

Why does it feel so empty?



a month.

"To the world you are just somebody, but to somebody you are the world."

Tell me, to whom am I the world?

I've looked and looked, but it looks like in my case there was never an answer to begin with.

Wake up in the morning.

Another day, another night... another Friday, another long weekend.

It's as if things have gone back to like before. Only without her.

That depression is creeping on me again. But I'm holding it back.. just picturing standing on the beach looking out to the ocean, keeps me sane.

Guy is Being Played

Was just reading over what Veronica wrote for me, almost a month back now.

Vinny, guy is to let go of this one. Walk away. Delete her. From your email, cell phone, calendar, heart, and life.

Once again, what I've got to do, laid out in front of my eyes.



She called.

I wonder if it is because she saw me last night, without me realizing it. I wonder if it is just because it is May, and that's when she said we'd meet up. I wonder if.. maybe she just missed me. Or maybe she just felt obligated to call because otherwise she'd feel guilty.

It was short. When will we meet? Maybe next week, she says. I said sure.

She's stringing me, stringin' me good. But I can't run, and I'm not willing to hide. I give myself, until the end of this month. Either we meet up and I give her the things, or I put them away.. out of sight, out of mind.

It's painful.

I saw.

As I was driving out of the parking lot, I saw.

A blue Toyota Rav-4, blue in color. With a "thing" dangling from the rear view mirror.

It was parked at the place that I had just walked out of.

I think, it was her.

Or maybe I'm just hallucinating.