Go on..


Sorta back to good.

I've finally begun the healing process.. actually it began back in Aus. But I think I've gone on to the next step now. Beginning to feel.. how she hasn't been around for so long now, remembering bits and pieces of how my life was before her.

Needing, to keep that composure.


Needing that job.

Needing to keep my composure.

Needing to continue the relaxed mood.

Needing.. to keep breathing.

She calls.

And so she calls.

I thought that was it. But she actually called five days later. She once again tells me she's taken. And she says she's moving next week, so we'll meet in May.

Why the excuses? We all make time, we all know how it is.

If you're not going to, at least give me a chance to end this.

It seems.

It seems she has finally chosen.

I will abide by her choice.

Things are over.

Are they really?..


Dangling, still dangling.

Let's have it over with, soon.